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Moments of

The Journey
© Rosanna Ienco Barned

"Sometimes we need to take a leap of faith into the unknown and surrender to the universe and most importantly trust." "When you embark on a journey you awaken your soul."

I could hear the pounding of the drum, as the beat grew louder my heart began to race. I moved quickly through the wolvesden_thejourney.jpgpassage of my grandmother tree. I call her this because she is old and strong. In the distance I heard running water, this was very calming for me. Birds were singing all around, my fear soon began to evaporate.

I came across a small pond. I jumped into this pool of crystal clear water and found myself swimming underneath. I felt as though I was going in between worlds (lower and middle). I swam and swam until I came to the surface of solid ice. I broke through and as my head popped up I saw a new landscape, surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains. I looked up and I could see a brightly lit sky with hundreds of stars shining down on the spectacular scenery. I climbed out of the water and was immediately met by an Inuit man.

wolvesden_journey94.jpgThis intriguing individual seemed to be my spirit helper. He had dark brown eyes, black hair, raised cheekbones and a moustache. The man was in his forties and carried a great strength with him, he stood tall and not even the heaviest wind force could knock him down. We looked into each other's eyes and he smiled at me. There was something very familiar about this man, as if I had known him my whole life.

In the distance I could hear arctic wolves howling. This mysterious call made me feel welcomed by this new place and in a strange way it felt like home. My eyes started to fill with tears, as I felt that something very special was about to happen. My new teacher kindly reached out his hand and led me inside an igloo.

A council of elders greeted us. There were four of them, two men and two women. Their faces were old and each line represented knowledge and wisdom they had carried throughout the years. One of the female elders handed me a colourful blanket. Inside was the most beautiful little fragile being wrapped up so cosy and snug. It was a baby boy!

wolvesden_journey93.jpgFeelings of overwhelming strength and joy rushed through me. I carefully embraced him and held him so dearly with the love that only a mother could feel for her child. The boy's guardian held out her hands and I knew it was time to return the baby to his keeper. I felt a little confused as to the significance of this infant. The answer to this would be revealed to me later on in my life. It was then that I began the journey within and without.

Almost nine years have gone by and I can still remember my very first shamanic journey as if it was yesterday. The word shaman originated in Siberia. Shamanism dates back several thousands of years. Many different people from all walks of life now practise it. Some people would define a shaman as a seer, medicine person or even a wizard. There are still many shamans today all over the world that play various different roles in their society. Some were used to predict the weather. Others would heal a person by curing an illness or by extracting an intrusion from one's body.

When you enter the world of a shaman, you embark upon a journey into the spirit world. Youwolvesden_journey96.jpg enter non-ordinary reality by altering your state of consciousness with the guidance of the drum. The pulse will safely assist you to connect with your spirit helpers to receive healing, or help with issues in your daily life.


Before entering your entrance, some describe as an opening in a tree, an animal hole in the earth or others have even entered through a cave. You state the intention and where you are going, for example: the lower world, this may be a place in nature in the woods. The middle, this can be different for many people. For me it was a very cold place with ice and snow for many years. The upper, some would describe as the sky, stars,
clouds or the planets. There are different realms you can enter.

wolvesden_journey95.jpgJourneying can be very helpful to bring balance and harmony into your world. We all have helpers in the spirit world who assist us on our life's journey. Some may come in the form of a human, others as animals (we would relate to as our power animals,) or any other form.

I look back and reflect on the expansion that I have observed within others and myself since we first started to practise shamanism. It has been an endless journey, but slowly the pieces of the puzzle are all coming together. Although at times I couldn't understand some of the lessons, I had to endure them in order to appreciate what they were trying to teach.

The wonderful, fascinating experiences I have been so fortunate to encounter. I could not imagine my life without applying these ways. I am very grateful and give thanks to all of my teachers in the spirit world, who continuously guide me on my path.

What Is Soul Loss?
© Rosanna Ienco Barned

Often people wonder about the expression soul loss, is it really possible for someone to lose part of their soul? It is a termwolvesden_soulloss90.jpg used in Shamanism when someone becomes disconnected with a part of them or they simply don't feel like themselves.

Many of us have experienced some kind of trauma in our life from an accident, a break up in a relationship, sexual or other forms of abuse and even the loss of a loved one. Sometimes the experience at that time may have been too overwhelming to deal with therefore a part of ourselves goes missing or simply leaves in order for us to carry on with our life. When this happens it may leave us feeling empty or like there is a big void inside of us.

Some people who have experienced soul loss have defined it as a feeling of being spaced out or not being able to focus. Others would say that they just feel lifeless, powerless or that they haven't been the same since the incident. Other symptoms may include depression, feeling angry or irritable, heightened emotions or that others would view them as being out of their normal character.

wolvesden_soulloss91.jpgOne different situation where soul loss had occurred was someone who had a very beautiful and deeply moving experience that had changed her life in every way both physically and spiritually. She described this experience as a "fairy tale". For many years she carried this with her holding on to the past and the place where she had visited that became sacred to her. What she didn't realize was that a huge piece of herself was still hanging around there not knowing that this was holding her back from achieving what she wanted in her life and stopping her from moving forward.

In this particular situation, after many years, she decided to return back to the land where it had all begun. In order to heal she knew that a soul retrieval was required.

It was an important part of her healing to re visit the sacred place once again. Although difficult, she was finally able to let go of the past accepting the changes in her life and feeling much wiser for it. A huge part of her had finally returned with great relief. She is now ready to embrace the future.
Another example is when something happened to you as a child that may have been too frightening for you to deal with, you may not even be aware that you have been carrying the fear with you for all these years. I once carried out a soul retrieval for a friend who had experienced a bee sting when she was very young. The situation had been so terrifying for her that a little piece or soul part had been left behind. I was able to perform a soul retrieval to bring the missing part back. This had helped her to embrace the fear enabling her to feel complete.

A Shamanic practitioner who has been trained can perform a soul retrieval for someone who is ready to receive one. Through the guidance of their spirit helpers they take a journey to first locate the missing soul part, once found they can then return it back to the person enabling them to feel whole again. wolvesden_soulloss92.jpg

After having a soul retrieval you need to allow some time for yourself to welcome back that part of you that has returned. You may find that you are very tearful afterwards but this is normal and will soon pass.

If you have unfinished business, you need to go back to the point of origin, where the soul loss happened, recapture that essence to bring the fullness of yourself back into your life.

Most of us are all trying to find peace, balance and harmony in the world. In my opinion we must first begin with ourselves. Once we feel complete and whole and find that peace inside then we are ready to fulfil our life's mission, our purpose, or reach the goals that we are trying to achieve. There will no longer be that void inside of us, instead we will feel love, joy, and fulfilment. After all, isn't that why we are here?

For more information contact Rosanna Ienco Barned at (250) 760-0396 or rosanna@wolvesdenhealing.com.

Who Are Your Power Animals?
© Rosanna Ienco Barned

If you talk to animals they will talk with you
And you will know each other.

If you do not talk to them you will not know them,
And what you do not know you will fear.

What one fears one destroys.

~ Chief Dan George

The aroma of wood burning in the distance tickled my nose. I looked up at the sky to see smoke mysteriously merging into the clouds. This was a sign for me to prepare for a life changing experience. My heart was racing like horses galloping in a derby. I wondered to myself, "Why am I here in the middle of a field in Glastonbury, on this beautiful summers day?"

I could see everyone had already formed a circle. I found myself an inviting spot and waited patiently with the others.

The leader of the ceremony was ready to begin. He had hypnotic eyes that stared directly into mine. I felt shivers go down wolvesden_timberwolf.jpgmy spine as he continued to glare at me. There was an attraction to this man like a magnet pulling me in closer and closer.

At the same time in my mind's eye I kept seeing this beautiful timber wolf. She stood so boldly with a weary look on her face. She was facing the gate towards the exit, as if she was showing me the way out. I have always had an affinity with wolves and I feel a deep soul connection to these incredible animals. However, at that time I didn't quite understand the meaning of it all.

Throughout the weekend this man had taken a strong interest in me, so much so, that at the end of it he asked me to be his apprentice. In awe of it all and at the time still very naïve, I accepted, of course. I travelled around different parts of England that week with the group. During the week I started to feel a little dizzy and out of balance.
Strange things were starting to happen to me. One evening we were invited to a Druid ceremony and we were able to camp out on the land. That evening in the dreamtime I had a very vivid dream. My friend, the wolf came to visit me. We played together and really bonded, it was such a lovely dream that I didn't want to wake up until suddenly, this fierce, black wolf came charging at my wolf and started attacking her! I woke up in a sweat with my heart pounding. "This was a warning", I thought to myself.

wolvesden_poweranimal22.jpgI finally realized what I had gotten myself into and I had to get away before it was too late. I had spent several days as if I was entranced in his spell, all the while this man was trying to get closer to me. The next day he discussed with me about how I had been chosen to be his ninth wife. With the help of my power animal, my wolf, I was able to see the situation clearer and I could finally break free. It wasn't easy and it took me a few years to completely rid myself of his intrusive energy. (Part of this article is an excerpt from a previous article I have written, entitled 'Encounters With a Sorcerer').

Power Animals are dear, wonderful teachers. I believe that we all have them guiding us. Sometimes they will enter our lives at different times and for different reasons. For example, my wolf came to help and guide me at that time. Ten years later, she is still with me. I have many other Power Animals that come to assist me in different areas of my life.

wolvesden_lynx25.jpgHave you ever been drawn to a particular animal and wondered why? Did you ever think this might be your guardian angel in the form of an animal? Power animals come in many different forms. In fact, any living creature can be your guardian spirit helper. In Shamanism, we believe that our animal helpers are with us to guide and assist us with our lives, for healing, protection and for personal empowerment.

They also come to teach us lessons. We can learn a lot from these wonderful teachers. I often say that when you work with your Power Animal in shamanic journeying, the teachings are between you and them, which means there is always a personal message for you.

Your teacher may have a different meaning to someone else and although each animal has a general definition in different cultures, I would always recommend listening to your teacher in your journey to see what they have to say and ask why they have come to be your Power Animal at this time in your life.

In my experience with Power Animals, they have always been my guardians, protectors and friends, someone who is there to guide me and be there for me. There is a close personal relationship between you that will only grow if you choose to keep your Power Animal with you. We are all truly unique individuals so our experiences will vary from person to person.

wolvesden_cougar.jpgI may have one Power Animal work with me when I need courage and a different one when I need to see a situation more clearly.

For example, you may get an Eagle and its personal message to you may be to bring the gift of vision, or it may be another reason.

In my scenario, my wolf came to give me strength, to warn me of the danger I was in and to help me escape from plight before I was harmed both physically and energetically.

A dear friend of mine, who had struggled with an eating disorder for most of her life, spent years trying different therapies and found that this was the only thing that worked for her.

Through her journeying and building a trusting relationship with her Power Animal she was finally able to overcome this huge obstacle that she had in her life.

wolvesden_poweranimal6301.jpgEven in her final days on this earth I sat by her bedside and shared in her joy and her love. The beautiful connection to her Power Animal had brought to her a smile and tranquillity whilst she lay in the hospital bed in a great deal of pain.

You can meet your Power Animal through shamanic journeying. You can also have Power Animal retrieval. This is when someone else takes the journey on your behalf, in search of your Power Animal and then brings it back to enable you to feel more empowered and protected. There are also some different techniques that you can use to help keep your guardian around you, like drumming, dancing and singing.

I give thanks to all my Power Animals that have been with me from the start of this journey, especially my wolf, for guiding me out of that situation and for the lessons in it. Remember, we are all connected in some way or another and if we just open our minds, without judgement and allow the doorways to open and take the first steps through, then we can allow ourselves endless possibilities.

No matter if it is in the shape of a rock, plant, or even a creature, there are always blessings. Why not try it for yourself?

For more information, contact Rosanna at (250) 760-0396 or email rosanna@wolvesdenhealing.com or click here to send a message.


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