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Shamanism - Healing, Counselling and Divination


Shamanism and shamanic healing is the ancient art of healing that has been used for tens of thousands of years.

The word Shaman originated in Siberia. A Shaman can be defined as a seer, medicine man or woman.

Many different cultures from all around the world still practise shamanic healing. Shamanism is not a religion, and people from all walks of life have become more interested in shamanic healing as a way of bringing peace and balance into their own lives.

Shamanic Counselling

I offer a peaceful environment to support you and guide you into a shamanic journey through drumming so that you can learn how to journey for yourself and connect with your power animals and helpers to assist you in your every day life issues and help to bring personal empowerment to yourself.

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss happens when a part of ourselves becomes lost, leaving a big void inside of us. I will take a deep journey and with the guidance of my teachers we will search for your missing soul part, or a piece of your fragmented self and return it to you, enabling you to feel whole again.

Extraction Healing

In this deep work, I will locate the intrusion, whilst being in an altered state with the help of my teachers and remove that which does not belong with you. Sometimes this can be negative energy that we have created ourselves through thoughts or it may sometimes come from others.


The Step Beyond

In this very deep work we connect together through journeying in helping to get rid of that which no longer serves us and in result leaves us feeling much lighter. Letting go of all that extra baggage that we no longer need and do not want to take with us on our new journey. This is an opportunity in helping to resolve issues or any unfinished business before we move on. It is also an opportunity to face any fears that may be attached to Death.

My inspiration for The Step Beyond

In my Death and Dying training workshop, I was asked to go out into nature and find something that would teach me of death. At first I was looking to find an old shrivelled leaf, but instead I was lead to the most beautiful pink blossom I had ever seen.

This flower was on the grass and separate from the other fallen blossoms from the tree. I was told that this was my teacher of 'death'. I sat quietly and started to connect with the flower as though it was starting to come to life.

The pink was to show me of love, unconditional love. There were beautiful raindrops on it, which showed me that it was constantly being nurtured. I saw a star in the middle of the blossom, which told me that the pretty flower was at one with everything.

I then saw a seed in the centre and it looked just like a fetus. The dewdrops were feeding and nurturing the fetus. I was told that it would never ever go thirsty.

The feeling that had come over me from this experience was so overwhelming that it brought tears to my eyes. I was shown in this teaching of the beauty of death and not the fear associated with dying, like the old withered leaf that I had expected to find.
Most importantly, I asked where the blossom wanted to be returned to, so I took it back towards the tree that it had fallen from. What was so incredible was that when I did return the flower, it had more beauty, more life and a brighter shine to it than any of the other blossoms that were still on the tree.

The others weren't as vibrant or alive. On returning the beautiful blossom, I thanked it for its teachings. From that day on, my concept of death had changed. It was clear to me that nothing ever really dies. No matter where we go, there is always a connection. Like a tiny thread that never ends, we are all entwined in it, with all the different vibrant colours of the universe.

Life and death - a song without an ending.
~ Chief Dan George

Shamanic Divination

This is a form of divination where I take the journey on your behalf to connect with my power animals and spirit teachers to ask for assistance for you on any life issues that you may want guidance on. It is also used as a way of problem solving or finding answers to questions without knowing anything about the client.

Service Fees:

Shamanic Divination - to book using a credit card or PayPal, click on the PayPal button. $144.00

Shamanic Healing Services ~ including Shamanic Counselling, Soul Retrieval, Extraction Healing, The Step Beyond and Power Animal Retrieval ~ $200.00 per session or Book Four Sessions of shamanic healing for $700.00 (save $100).

$700.00 (4 sessions) - You save $100.
(1 to 1½ hours each)

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