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To learn more about Shamanic Healing and the worldwide tradition of Shamanism, please visit any of the following websites.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ~ www.shamanism.org

Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies ~ www.shamanism.dk

Shaman Portal ~ www.shamanportal.org

Survival International ~ www.survival-international.org

World Wildlife Federation ~ www.wwf.org

Sandra Ingerman ~ www.sandraingerman.com



 Cherlyn is a Visionary Shamanic Artist, Healer and Intuitive. Allow her powerful gift to transform your life! Mystic Art Medicine ~ www.mysticartmedicine.com 

 Mystic Spirit Design ~ Shamanic tools, crystals, Gemstone neclaces, Magical tools and other unique creations ~ http://www.mysticspiritdesign.com/

Robert Haywood ~ www.musicshaman.co.nz

 Personal Power Awareness ~ Steu Mann, M.Ed.


Joyful Light Education

Self growth tools: ebook, Reiki, and material to discover energetic living


Pillars of Light Spiritual Center

Free directory of resources for self discovery and self growth



The following books are also excellent references.

~ The way of the Shaman ~ Michael Harner

~ Soul Retrieval ~ Sandra Ingerman


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