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 Vancouver Island, BC

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My sessions with Rosanna came at a very necessary time of my life when I was ready for Change. I capitalize “change” because I was ready for clarity and the highest good to manifest in my life. Doing this required me to let go of old habits, negative thinking and start taking loving care of my soul, mind and body. I needed guidance. I searched on the internet to find an Angel Therapy Practitioner and found Rosanna a perfect match. Rosanna’s guidance gave me confidence and belief in myself and the courage to let go and let my soul flow and shine. Her sessions helped me to develop stronger intuition and 6th sense. I am still referring back to my notes of the visualizations and sensory experiences I gained from our sessions. I commend and recommend this woman’s skills to all those who need guidance to take an honest and magical look at their lives. She teaches with a caring and open heart, sharing her abundant compassionate vision.

Roxxanne Faye

Vancouver, BC

Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Post-Partum Doula, Child Care Worker

“My reading with Rosanna was ‘amazing’! I met my beautiful Soul Guide in a setting I can now see and go to for guidance as well as the Archangel who is with me to assist in my current life changes. Various past lives and messages came to me with details on what my purpose was then & how I can use the skills in this life. During the session I released a lot of emotional pain that I have carried in this life. It was an awesome gentle, loving experience that I won’t ever forget & the messages I received will assist me on my journey.”

Beverly, Canada 

My first experience of Rosanna was last year. As she came highly recommended, I chose to be honored with her gifts.  This is what I found:
 Beginning with a linkage to our Soul's long trek, Rosanna travels through the corridors of time to search out the various paths we have journeyed, sorting through the highlights of meaningful experiences.. She then continues, 'seeing' through eyes of shamanic vision, Rosanna assists us by nudging the 'doors' you yourself have already begun to open.  Peering  deeply inside, she then brings into closer view, the events we are triggering into existence.  By helping us be more aware of what we are creating we can then make changes or adjustments in our journey.  By seeing clearly those who act as our guides and companions of the 'unseen realm', we have the opportunity of welcoming their assistance in our lives....
To have a more enlightened awareness of the journey I travel is the 'gift' Rosanna brought into clearer focus for me.  I bless and thank her for the sharing of her beautiful spirit.
To 'know' within ourselves that we are on the right track is the double- gift, of hope and purpose. 
Invaluable!  Thank you Rosanna!
                                                    Shanon Wills, BC Canada

Hi, Rosanna,

Thank you again for that warm and uplifting reading today.  I find myself feeling much more optimistic and relaxed.  Much more.

Brin, USA

Dear Rosanna,

I just want to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave me. It was so positive and uplifting!

Angela, Nova Scotia


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