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 Wolves Den, Divine Soul
 Fairy Tales & Crystal Magic
 Rosanna Ienco Barned
 Vancouver Island, BC

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 My life has shifted since the retreat, I am changing and the world knows it! Many Gratitude thoughts and Blessings to you for the empowerment you provide people through the Creator.

                                              ~Aliah, Saskatchewan


 I am refreshed, renewed and rebirthed. I know I was meant to come to this workshop. I have a crystal clear sense of my reason for being. I move forward on this path with gratitude for the guidance, Rosanna.

                                                                    ~ Anon, Alberta


A peaceful, loving, serene Soul with magical knowledge and instant connection. Rosanna is very devoted to her purpose, using her wisdom in glorious grace gently pushing us forward to where we need to be in this life, Beautiful!                     ~ Sam, BC


This workshop is a must!!   ~ Joy, Alberta


This workshop is the best workshop I have ever been to. Rosanna is a wonderful, helpful teacher. No workshop that I have been has done what Rosanna has brought into my life. She was there when I was ready. Now I am only hoping I can be a light for other women, men and even children to enter into the circle of light.           

                                           ~ Barb, Canada

 This workshop brought forth realizations of what I really need to let go of and how limiting that has been to what I truly want in my life.    ~ John


Rosanna is a great teacher, I was able to let go of fear, resentment that was holding me back in my life.

                                   ~ Abigal, BC

In Rosanna's workshop, I was able to heal, love, release and unite! Thank You

                            ~ Heather, Alberta

I loved the weekend retreat, My Vibration has increased!     ~ Anna, Canada

Awaken Your Divine Soul Retreat weekend gave me more clarity and a greater understanding of my life and purpose. I have gained so much more awareness of everthing. Thank you Rosanna!

                                                                          Jen, Victoria

I am so Grateful that I had the chance to be at your weekend workshop. This will be one of those moments that I will never forget! Thank you! I learned so many new things and my world has opened up so Beautifully.                             

                                        M. B from Norway

This was a great weekend to go deep within yourself led by a safe and easy going teacher. Wonderful Work!

                                          Christine, Vancouver Island

What a wonderfu weekend away this was a real treat! I have expanded in ways that I could have never imagined! Thank you Rosanna for your kindness.

                                           Bob, Canada



tiny_butterfly.gif"You have been and are a mentor to me...you are an inspiration to me and truly have helped me more than anyone I have met and you care about people and know how to make them open up, blossom like a flower...to move in their right direction and I am grateful to you for this...it shows deeply."

~ J.O Texas

"You are a creative soul whose originality and authenticity are enchanting. Thank you for sharing the magnificence of your being, for to do so creates a wave of communication that is a great blessing. Your garden of the self is a blossoming manifestation of your innate abilities and timeless essence."

tiny_butterfly.gif"Rosanna is a trusting spirit who creates harmony and peace wherever she goes. To partake of her services is to embrace joyful awareness and loving acceptance of yourself. Hers is a fertile spiritual landscape where you create what you choose to create as you celebrate your passion and find your spiritual purpose."

"Let Rosanna into your life, for to do so is to nourish spiritual growth."

                                                                                   ~ Micheal Teal ~ http://theancientone.gaia.com


"Your teleconference 'Awakening the Divine Soul' was Awesome!  What a great way to tap into spirit. You Rocked!!!!

                                                                                         ~ Anna Maria Prezio ~ www.prezio.com  


"I am so grateful for attending Rosanna's lecture. When I first entered the room, I was very sleepy and my energy was extremely low. Rosanna inspired me so much that not only did my energy shift, by the time her lecture was over I left feeling exhilirated! Rosanna's energy is uplifting! I not only felt great but was able to see my life purpose much clearer".

                                                                                         ~ Yo. Y Calgary


The short time we spent together on the phone has done so much for me.  You told me exactly what I needed to hear and confirmed my knowings.  You and your book has given me inspiration to continue on with my story and I thank you so much for that!  I also want to thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me and the world.  I truly look forward to meeting you one day this year!
Love and light,
Tanya, Hope, BC Canada


I thought your book was awesome!! As I read it  I felt like I just crawled right into your journey you are a very gifted  writer.

Vicki-Lynne, Calgary


Dearest Rosanna,

I have just finished reading your book and I can’t express enough how much it has touched my life!!!!   It has truly inspired me to make changes in my own life that I have been avoiding for years. I love this book! I have been looking forward to my reading with you for a long time, but now…….I CAN’T WAIT!!!!


Stephanie, Utah






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