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Power Animals and Shamanic Healing

"May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away your worries,may the breeze blow new strength into your being, may you walk gently through the world and know it's beauty all the days of your life".

~ Apache Blessing

Share the Wisdom of Shamanic Divination and Healing

Share in centuries of wisdom distilled into shamanic tradition when you experience shamanic healing.

Before modern life and technology dulled our natural connections to our animal and spirit guides, tribal societies around the world used the shamanic techniques offered by Wolves Den Healing to enhance their understanding of themselves and their world. Those who understood and guided others through these techniques were known by many names: shaman, seer, medicine man, wise woman and more.


Shamanism is not a religion but a series of practices developed to bring balance, health and wisdom into people’s lives.

Wolves Den Healing takes you on shamanic journeys to discover your inner self. The deep journeys achieved through shamanic healing can bring many benefits: stress reduction, peace, healing, increased insight, or the discovery of your own power animal as a spiritual guide.

Wolves Den Healing gives you different ways to experience the power of shamanic healing.

Shamanic Counselling

You will go on a perception-altering shamanic journey. You may be led into a meditative state by repetitive, rhythmic drumming or draw on other shamanic traditions to induce an altered state. You learn how to take your own journeys to assist you with your life decisions, empower yourself, and connect with your spirit guide and/or power animal. This experience is only available in person.



Shamanic Divination

Rosanna will journey on your behalf to connect with your power animals and spirit teachers to request guidance for you on any life issues you may be facing. This journey can be undertaken on your behalf with no prior knowledge of your life, since the spirit guides will provide the necessary information. This service is available in person, by phone, or via the Internet.



Soul Retrieval

If you feel a void within, a part of you may be missing due to a previous trauma or life event. Through soul retrieval, Rosanna will undertake a deep journey to find the missing piece of your fragmented self. With the return of the missing piece to you, the void within you will be filled, making you feel whole again. This experience is only available in person.


The Step Beyond

This deep work connects you and Rosanna through deep journeying to understand and appreciate the true nature of death. For those who fear death, this experience will bring acceptance.

For those facing this next stage, you will learn how to get rid of what you no longer need for your journey.

Feeling much lighter, you will be helped to resolve issues, complete unfinished business, and face any fears attached to Death. This experience is only available in person.

Image © Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.

Extraction Healing

This healing is the removal of an intrusion which is negatively affecting your life. In her journey, Rosanna locates and removes the intrusion – whether it is negative energy created by yourself or others. This experience is only available in person.



Find your Power Animal 

Power Animal Retrieval

Retrieval is a seeking journey undertaken by Rosanna to find and return your power animal to you.

Retrieving your animal guide restores lost power, helping you feel more empowered, protected and balanced. This experience is only available in person.  


Power Animal Readings

Power Animals are a wonderful gift from the universe, placed here to guide each one of us.

Sometimes called guardian angels or spirit guides, power animals are our connection with infinite knowledge.

Rosanna blends knowledge gleaned through a connection with your power animal and a reading of animal oracle cards to bring you fascinating insights. This service is available in person, by phone, or via the Internet.

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