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“Know who you are – then all else will be known.”

Sri Ramana Maharshi 1879 - 1950


Empowerment of your innermost self is what you’ll find through Divine Soul Awakenings, a soul coaching program that helps you strip away non-essentials from your emotional, spiritual and physical life.


Just as life coaching teaches people how to reach their goals, soul coaching goes a step further to help people identify their true life goals: the achievements that will resonate through their being.


What you’ve learned to want may be different than what your inner soul truly desires. Through Soul Coaching, you make a sacred contract with yourself to identify and achieve your spiritual and personal goals. You then learn the tools to help you succeed in your soul mission.


Our core 28-day program includes meditation, space-clearing, and de-cluttering of home, mind and emotions. This process clears the mental, emotional, and physical self, preparing you to achieve your unique life mission. Key components of soul coaching are:

  • Embracing an attitude of gratitude
  • Fanning the flames of your creativity
  • Transforming your home into a sacred space
  • Releasing yourself from victimhood
  • Undertaking a Vision Quest and connecting with your spiritual allies


In addition to the 28-day program, we also offer individualized one-on-one coaching sessions, which include:


  • Soul Journeys: In this one-on-one coaching session, you will be guided on soul journeys and past life journeys which will help you explore your true self and your most soulful desires, preparing you to shape your future. Soul Journeys are available individually, over seven sessions, or over three months.
  • Soul Readings: Available in half-hour or one-hour sessions, Soul Readings help you identify the purpose of your life. As your representative to the mystic realm, Rosanna connects with your spirit guides, power animals, soul contracts and records to discover your soul’s mission and the special talents you have been given to achieve this mission.
  • Past Life Regressions: Discover what you have learned and what gifts you have brought forward from your past lives. Gain a deeper understanding of who you are now from who you have been in the past.

Introduce yourself to the power of soul coaching at our Soul Mission Collage Workshop. All materials are supplied for this one-day exploration of your unique life mission. At the end of the day, you will have created a visual representation of your spiritual goal, which will inspire you to complete your life purpose.


Soul coaching is for those seeking personal growth, renewal and spiritual transformation, who want to understand themselves and their place in the universe at the deepest level. This life-transforming process gives you the tools to align your future with your innermost desires. For details on our soul coaching programs, please click on any of the above links.


“Inside each and every one of us is true brilliance. It is deep down in your very core. Capture the essence of your being and bring it into creation – explore and expand – to touch the world with your magnificence.’

- Rosanna Ienco Barned


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