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Dear Rosanna,

The journey you have so graciously taken for me has moved me to laughter and tears. It was without a doubt, the most significant experience I have ever had in my life!

It was very clear and accurate, like you were really looking through a window into my life.

I know for certain that this is a turning point for me that I have desperately needed in my life and I cannot thank-you enough for showing me a path and knowing that I do not have to walk there alone.

How can I ever thank you for this Rosanna. It alone has completely healed me.

~ JG ~ USA


“Rosanna has repeatedly shown through her own life that she not only understands the basic precepts of the Shaman’s Spiritual path but also applies them directly to her own path, and this has often taken great courage. She is ethical, insightful and compassionate. Her connections to the power of the Universe are strong. I recommend her highly”. 

   Jonathan Horwitz ~ co-director of the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies

Rosanna is a very honest and compassionate person with an acceptional ability to communicate, this is no more apparent than her skills as a shamanic practioner. She has journeyed on many issues for myself, the most beneficial being a Soul Retrieval.

The information and the healing I received is still of assistance to me a year and a half later. It was a truly profound and beautiful experience, which I will never forget.

~ Amanda ~ UK

Rosanna is a woman of great spirit and character whose work touches ones very soul. She is an inspiring individual of great spirit who seeks to serve the betterment of humankind. She facilitates change and helps people find peace and happiness for she is a divine being of light and hers is a shamanic journey.

Rosanna is a trusting spirit who creates harmony and peace wherever she goes. To partake of her services is to embrace joyful awareness and loving acceptance of yourself. Hers is fertile spiritual landscape where you create what you choose to create as you celebrate your passion and find your spiritual purpose.

Wolves Den Healing embraces the Spirit of the Wolf while cultivating love and gratitude. Let Rosanna into your life, for to do so is to nourish spiritual growth.

~ Micheal Teal ~  http://theancientone.gaia.com   


Since my Soul Retrieval with Rosanna, I have been more balanced and complete. Nothing feels overwhelming anymore!

~ LF, BC Canada

My first experience of Rosanna was last year. As she came highly recommended, I chose to be honored with her gifts.  This is what I found:
 Beginning with a linkage to our Soul's long trek, Rosanna travels through the corridors of time to search out the various paths we have journeyed, sorting through the highlights of meaningful experiences.. She then continues, 'seeing' through eyes of shamanic vision, Rosanna assists us by nudging the 'doors' you yourself have already begun to open.  Peering  deeply inside, she then brings into closer view, the events we are triggering into existence.  By helping us be more aware of what we are creating we can then make changes or adjustments in our journey.  By seeing clearly those who act as our guides and companions of the 'unseen realm', we have the opportunity of welcoming their assistance in our lives....
To have a more enlightened awareness of the journey I travel is the 'gift' Rosanna brought into clearer focus for me.  I bless and thank her for the sharing of her beautiful spirit.
To 'know' within ourselves that we are on the right track is the double- gift, of hope and purpose. 
Invaluable!  Thank you Rosanna!
                                                 Shanon Wills, Canada 

I just wanted to write and tell you THANK YOU so much for your reading.
I was able to write everything you said down and look up my Power
Animals which I have been wondering about for some time now.  I can't
tell you how much you have lifted my spirits with that reading. It is
going to help me get though my knee surgery I am not looking forward to,
but now understand more of what it is all about. You have helped me get
going again towards my path.You have given me the courage to try again
with my Shamanic Journeying and to go ahead a teach. I really do appreciate
you taking your time to do this for me. I am telling everyone about your book
 I just loved it!
Keep in touch
Liela Ross, California

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