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“Our truest life is when we are in our Dreams awake.”

Henry David Thoreau


You are not alone in the universe. The love, guidance, help and support of your angel and spirit guides surround you – all you need to do is access it.

Angel Readings tap into this connection to bring you that guidance. You may receive insights that help you make important decisions, choose between life paths, or affirm the continued presence of a lost loved one.


Using Angel oracle cards as a communication conduit, I connect you with your angel or spirit guides. Each reading is unique and guided by the angels or spirits, who respond to your specific needs.

Past readings have helped people deal with inner debris, clarify life issues, balance Chakras, or soothe their grief with a reassuring message from someone who has crossed over.

It is not uncommon for spirit guides to be drawn from those who you have loved and who continue to love you from the other side. As a result, during an Angel Reading, these loved ones may send a message.

Angel Readings are available in person, by phone, or via the Internet. Half-hour and one-hour readings are available.

We are also pleased to offer a one-of-a-kind workshop that will align you with your own spirit of the Christmas season.

Our Connect with the Angels – A pre-Christmas celebration is a one-day workshop of Angel connections, Chakra clearing, self-empowerment and more. Click here for details.

Akin to Angel Readings are my Faery Readings, which use a faery-sprinkled oracle deck as a communication tool to reveal truth and fresh insights. There is a special lightness and magic attached to Faery Readings, which comes from the enchantment of the beings invoked by the cards. Half-hour Faery Readings are available in person, by phone, or over the Internet.

Both Angel Readings and Faery Readings have been invaluable tools for those seeking guidance in handling change and life challenges. Your guides know you better than you know yourself – Angel Readings and Faery Readings allow you to tap into that knowledge.

Surround yourself with things of the spirit

This fall, we will be offering four special products, all of which will help you focus your energy and capture your own magic.

Crystals & gemstones:
Bring a physical manifestation of healing and mystical energy into your life with our selection of sparkling crystals and polished gemstones. We are seeking out the best quality natural crystals and gemstones to offer to our clients.


We will also be offering exquisite crystal and gemstone jewellery, so you can enjoy these stones both for their power and for their beauty as accessories.


Nurture your child’s sense of wonder with Rosanna’s original series of children’s fairytales. Four books will be available.

Custom-designed Oracle Cards

Exciting new card decks, custom-designed by Rosanna and her gifted son Keanu, will give you a unique tool to channel your own connections.

To unearth more of your personal magic, click on any of the above links or click here to contact us.


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