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Spirit Dancer

Wings of Amber, they call me spirit dancer.
Come and play for a while, I promise to make you smile.
It is time to frolic in the enchanted garden.
Let me take you back to that place in
your childhood years when you had no fears.
There is magic all around you.
Open your heart and let your imagination take you there

© Rosanna Ienco Barned

Do you remember your childhood days when it was awesome to dream? So many possibilities existed. As we grow older we lose sight of that place of innocence, a place without any fear, when fun was allowed. Why is it that as adults we neglect to be more playful? Have we really forgotten how to dream? Maybe we are so wrapped up in this crazy world of responsibilities and trying to earn a living that we just simply forget to have fun. Life becomes so mundane and filled with worries. Do you remember the last time you allowed your spirit to run free, when did you stop believing?

Have you ever been so lucky as to be touched by the world of fairies? Years ago, I went for a walk through a forest in Devon, England. My friend told me stories of fairies and other small beings. Of course, I thought it was only something that you read about in children's books. During my adventure through this mystical woodland, for the first time since I was a child, I felt some kind of enchantment returning to me. The trees became more vibrant and everything seemed to come alive. I didn't have a care in the world. My mind was so still. I focused on the beauty that was all around me. It felt as though I was in a different world, an entrancing one. Nature will speak to you if you give it a chance.

By the end of the walk I noticed the strangest thing. I looked down to see that my hiking boots that I had doubled-knotted had come completely untied. "How can this be?" I asked my friend. She replied by laughing and explained that it must have been the pixies in the forest playing with me. I kept looking down at my shoes in disbelief. From then on I started to believe in the magic all over again!

Have you ever seen tiny glowing lights around yourself or others? Some call them fairy lights. My son and I once witnessed this amazing encounter on a wonderful holiday in Southern Wales. There were mysterious trees, streams and even a place called 'Crystal Mountain'. We both witnessed beams of light through the branches and sparkling raindrops that sat on the leaves. They flickered so brightly it made us both giggle.

When I returned from our excursion, I decided that I needed to do something with my back yard. Have you ever heard the phrase, 'If you build it they will come'? Well, that was certainly the case with me. I went on to create a charming little fairy garden. There were many pretty flowers, lavender and lots of heather. It was awe-inspiring to feel the tranquillity and to see the loveliness in my own garden that had been brought back to life. The colourful butterflies enjoyed it too!

Around that time I was very fortunate to make friends with a lovely gentle soul, my dear friend Diane. She had stories and warm memories of seeing fairies when she was five or six years old. Her father had kept a beautiful garden in Sussex, England. It was filled with gorgeous roses and plenty of other flowers and shrubs. They even had a vegetable patch with an abundance of rhubarb leaves. Diane remembers seeing adorable little fairies and describes them as having vibrant rainbow colours. They lived in her garden and would fly around with their tiny, translucent wings. Sometimes she would see three at once. She often reflects back to that joyful period of her life when she was a part of their enchanted world.

I believe that it was Diane who brought the fairies to me. Every time she would come to my house I would feel more enlivened by these mystical creatures. My creativity started to blossom, the energy of the fairies will often help to bring out your inspiration.

Fairies are attracted to many different kinds of crystals and stones. This is another natural dwelling place where if you are fortunate enough, they can be seen. They help to remind us to be more gentle and tender with ourselves and other people.

I went on to build my fairy bedroom. This helped to encourage a very alluring and peaceful space. My husband, by this time, thought I was really away with the fairies!

You see, no matter how old we get, we still have the child within us if we would only allow ourselves to believe in the wonders of life again. You never know, one day you may be surprised whilst walking through the woods. The next time you feel something tickling you, it may well be a sprinkle of fairy dust. So whether or not you believe in the enchanted world of fairies isn't it about time you bring out your playful side? Be adventurous! Don't you think it is time to let your spirit dance?


© Rosanna Ienco Barned

Ever feel like the Universe is trying to get your attention? Have you ever had a series of events steering you towards something? I remember a few summer's ago I had a calling to South Dakota. I kept being reminded in different ways. I ignored the intuitive nudge over and over again until one day I was on my way to Victoria. I was stopped in traffic and I couldn't believe my eyes. Talk about a crystal clear sign from the Universe! The licence plate on the car in front read "South Dakota". At that very moment I was in total alignment with the Universe. I finally surrendered and travelled back to South Dakota. It turned out to be a very important trip for me.

We sometimes forget to listen to that quiet voice within or that loud knock on the door. Look for the SIGNS, they are all around us in different forms, but one must be willing and open to receiving them. When you do, you will be amazed with the end result. The Universe is always helping us in one-way or another. The messages or the SYNCHRONICITY may find you in different circumstances. I continue to get signs through licence plates. Just recently I had a similar experience. I had a strong feeling to go to California. My life was moving in a different direction and I felt a little confused about the decisions that I was making. Once again, I was stopped in traffic. I noticed the jeep next to me looked odd, as there was nobody driving; it was attached to a RV named 'SPIRIT'. I looked at the licence plate and there it was happening again, right in front of me, a California plate. The message for me was to take control of my situation, get into the drivers seat and trust that Spirit is with me. I decided to return to California.

Just recently I received a wonderful blessing. During our snowstorm I was looking out of the window watching the fierce wind blowing the snow everywhere. "This is how my day is going', I thought to myself. Then something magical happened, the most beautiful hummingbird appeared facing me at the window. Feelings of joy rushed through me. Even in the middle of a storm this precious bird reminded me of its grace and strength.

There are signals everywhere and I am always grateful for their presence. Stay in tune and you will be surprised with the miraculous experiences that are waiting just for you.


Copyright © Rosanna Ienco Barned - All Rights Reserved