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Motivational Mentoring


 New Motivational Mentoring for the Soul® one on one Mentoring or Certification Program starting in September 2014 and January 2015


I am so excited to introduce you to Motivational Mentoring for the Soul ®. This unique mentoring program is designed for your personal empowerment.

The purpose of the sessions is to encourage, motivate and inspire you to celebrate your uniqueness, so that you may discover and live your life purpose and live the life of your dreams, the life that you truly deserve.

Motivational Mentoring for the Soul® is for those who are ready to move forward with their lives so they can live a more fulfilling lifestyle. For those in search of self-discovery and happiness, this may just be what you have been waiting for.

Are you ready to be motivated and inspired so that you can wake up everyday and love your life?

Are you ready to embrace your fears, move beyond them and acknowledge your deepest desires?

Would you like to have a personal mentor to steer you in the right direction and help you to make your dreams come true?

How would you like a personal mentor to help you to find the road map of your life and keep you on track to make sure that you are heading in the right direction?

tiny_butterfly.gifAs your personal mentor, I will guide you so that you may hear the whispers of your soul. You will hear your inner wisdom.

I will help you to identify and unlock any blockages that are limiting you from moving forward on your journey.

 I will guide you to accept yourself, fully love and embrace all that you are so that you may transform your life like you have never imagined.

I will inspire you to dream big as you manifest your hearts desires and see miracles that begin to happen in your own life.

You have the power to change your thoughts, shift your vibration and see miracles happen.

Are you willing to go that extra step into transformation?

Be ready

Be alive

Take control and responsibility of your own life

Discover what works and what doesn't

Surrender to the unknown and embrace your dynamic future.

It will be an honour to be your personal mentor.

Mentoring Sessions are on a 3 month contract commitment basis.

tiny_butterfly.gifMotivational Mentoring for the Soul ® Certification Program
~ The Road Map to Your Life.

Is your life purpose to help others in discovering their life's misson?

Would you like to guide others in hearing their deepest souls desire?

How would you feel if you were to help other people overcome obstacles in their life?

Would you like to help individuals increase their self-esteem?

How would you like to guide others in embracing their fears?

How would it make you feel if you were responsible for helping others to embrace their own individuality?

Do you have a strong desire to assist others in their search of finding true purpose?

Do you want to help others keep their dreams alive?

Look for this new and exciting program in the Fall of 2010.


~ All participants wanting to become a Certified Motivational Mentoring for the soul ® practitioner/coach will be required to complete the Awakening Your Divine Soul Workshop.  (See workshops page for details)

~ Read the book Awakening the Divine Soul

~ Practice what they have learned and be a positive role model for others.


Motivational Mentoring for the Soul­­® Practitioners and Mentors:


Here you can find a list of Certified Mentors:


Lisa Marie Reed

Victoria, BC Canada




Tatiana Laurel Simpson

Port Alberni, BC Canada 



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