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 Wolves Den, Divine Soul
 Fairy Tales & Crystal Magic
 Rosanna Ienco Barned
 Vancouver Island, BC

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Rosanna Ienco

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Inside each and every one of us is true brilliance. It is deep down in your very core.

Capture the essence of your being and bring it into creation ~ Explore and Expand ~ to touch the world with your magnificence."

~ Rosanna Ienco

"Rosanna's inspiring story will take you on a fascinating voyage of self-realization and personal transformation. Follow the eleven steps to finding your life purpose and you will discover your true essence."

~Bob Proctor, from the movie The Secret and best-selling author of You Were Born Rich.


Describing Rosanna's book, author of the New York Times bestseller Your Destiny Switch Peggy McColl wrote: "Awakening the Divine Soul will lead you to a life of fulfillment. Allow Rosanna's journey of self discovery lead you to yours."

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 Rosanna's new meditation and drumming CD

Awakening Your Divine Soul ~ 11 Steps to Finding your Life Purpose

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